Release Notes

The changes made in each new version of the data model since the 1.0 Beta version are recorded here. The names of feature classes are bold and the names of fields are italicized for ease of use.

Version 1.0.4 Beta

  • Added metadata for PlantMaintenance, TreeBenefit, TreeHazardHealth, and WeatherStation.
  • Added parameter descriptions for all geoprocessing tools.

Version 1.0.3 Beta

  • Updated Calculate Condition Rating model.
  • Updated ConditionRating domain to reflect changes in Calculate Condition Rating model.
  • Changed unit field lengths from 20 to 5 in TreeBenefit.
  • Updated geoprocessing models to use parameters and local temp space.

Version 1.0.2 Beta

  • Renamed ConstructionLifeExpectancy to LifeExpectancyInYears in Structure.
  • Renamed PavementConditionIndex to ConditionIndex in PavementSegment.
  • Renamed PavementPredictedConditionIndex to PredictedConditionIndex in PavementSegment.
  • Renamed PavementPredictedConditionIndexInYears to PredictedConditionIndexInYears in PavementSegment.
  • Removed sample values from CollectionName domain.
  • Removed sample values from SectionName domain.
  • Changed ScientificName to Text (255) in PlantCenter.
  • Removed XYPlantsID, FeatureID, and Layer fields from PlantCenter.
  • Renamed PlantCenterID to FeatureID in PlantMaintenance, TreeBenefit,TreeHazardHealth, and WeatherStation and rebuilt relationships to useOBJECTID in PlantCenter and FeatureID in altered tables for compatibility with ArcPad.

Version 1.0.1 Beta

  • Renamed ConstructionLifeExpectancyInYears to ConstructionLifeExpectancy in Structure.