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The success of the Alliance for Public Gardens GIS is built on it's membership. We rely on our members to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of the APGG community by participating in discussions on our member websites.

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This interactive map shows the locations of our LinkedIn membership in blue and ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model users in purple. Click on the pins for more information about each member organization.

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 To simply stay informed about news in the public garden GIS community we recommend subscribing to our Blog RSS Feed.


 In addition to posting links to our blog articles, we use Twitter to make announcements and to share interesting developments in the public garden GIS community.

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 Our most active membership group is the preferred way of connecting with other GIS users at public gardens and seeking answers to your questions. You must become a LinkedIn user to join the group.


 Links to blog articles, announcements, and information in everyone's favorite social networking environment. You must have or create a Facebook profile to like our page.


 Our Google+ page offers the same information and opportunities as our Facebook page. You must have or create a Google account to follow our page.

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 We use YouTube to host all of our product demonstration and training videos. You must have or create a YouTube or Google account to subscribe to our channel.

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 Our ArcGIS Online group is a great way to find and share GIS maps, applications, and tools that you can use in your work.You must create or sign in with your Esri Global account to join the group.