Brian Morgan

Executive Director

Brian is a founding member of the Alliance and is responsible for communication, training, support, product development, and our consulting services.He is the lead developer of the ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model and Collection Researcher, the lead instructor of our training workshops, and is available to help public gardens get started with their GIS projects.In addition to his work with the Alliance, he is the Public Gardens Solutions Lead at Esri, a Research Associate at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, and a Ph.D. candidate in the UC Davis Geography Graduate Group.

Mary Burke

Director of Development

Mary is a founding member of the Alliance and is responsible for partner relations, fundraising, and project management.She is a botanist (alpine ecologist) with an interest in living collections management for scientific research and study, especially by leveraging use of current and emerging technologies, ranging from paper-based systems to geographic information systems (GIS) and cloud-based database management systems.Mary has a long-term interest in extending museum use into the community, non-profit leadership and management, and enriching people's lives by sharing the beauty and value of plants and the wild places of the earth.

Mia Ingolia

Director of Digital Curation

With a background in restoration ecology, horticulture and GIS, Mia began work with the Alliance in 2005. She serves as the living collections curatorial consultant, workshop instructor, and special events coordinator.In addition to her work with the Alliance, she is the Curator at the UC Davis Arboretum. At the Arboretum she serves as the key liaison for research projects, seed acquisitions, and records management (GIS and otherwise).