Register and Download the Data Model

Register and download the ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model

The first major release of the ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model on March 17, 2011, represents the results of over two years of testing and revisions. The model is expanded, streamlined and more powerful and easier to use.

Key enhancements:
  • Geo-processing tools add push-button functionality to field calculations.
  • Complete descriptions that detail the intended use and key relationships of each object in the geo-database.
  • New domains that add drop-down menus to fields for attribute entry and data quality control.
  • New feature classes and tables for mapping visitor amenities, assessing tree health and hazards, analyzing weather data, and tracking GIS tasks.

Please register for our Data Model beta program

We're very interested in who downloads and uses the Data Model, and how it helps you meet your project goals. By registering, you will help us to gauge how we're doing, and could help to provide insights into how we might improve the model. 

Additional benefits to registering:

  • Notification of new individual modules
  • Notification of data model updates
  • Get help and submit bug reports