Collection Mapper

Collection Mapper   We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Collection Mapper configuration of Collector for ArcGIS!  This release includes minor bug fixes and support for offline mapping to allow you to work in areas without wireless data connections. Collection Mapper is a Collector for ArcGIS configuration for collecting new, and updating existing, living plant collection features in arboreta, botanical gardens, cemeteries, display gardens, historical landscapes, natural reserves, parks, private estates, zoos, and other similar landscapes.  This configuration can be used to publish a feature service to an ArcGIS Online subscription account or to ArcGIS for Server which can be used to create an ArcGIS Online web map that can then be accessed on any device capable of running Collector for ArcGIS. This download includes:

  • Living plant collection dataset
  • Service definition map document (.mxd) with defined cartography
  • Documentation with details of the service, map and application properties


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