ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model 1.0 Beta Released

The Alliance for Public Gardens GIS is proud to announce the release of the ArcGIS Public Garden Data Model 1.0 Beta. This release represents the results of over two years of testing and revisions that have expanded and streamlined the model to make it more powerful and easier to use. Key enhancements include:

  • Geoprocessing tools to add push button functionality to the calculation of fields.
  • Complete descriptions that detail the intended use for each of each object in the geodatabase and key relationships that it participates in.
  • New domains that add drop-down menus to fields for attribute entry and data quality control.
  • New feature classes and tables for mapping visitor amenities, assessing tree health and hazards, analyzing weather data, and tracking GIS tasks.
We are interested in finding additional partners to help us test this new version at their garden, and to provide us with feedback about their experience using it. In exchange, we are offering complimentary limited technical support to selected gardens to help out with any difficulties that come up and quick resolution to any bugs encountered. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Program partner, or would just like to try the new version out, we encourage you to register online to download the new version now. Register & Download