2010 APGA Conference GIS Events

This year's APGA Conference in Atlanta, GA will feature the two GIS related events described below. For more information on these events, please visit the conference website or download the attached registration brochure.

GIS Implementation for Botanic Gardens: Introductory and Intermediate Topics Pre-Conference Workshop

This full-day program builds on the previous APGA conference's GIS workshops by providing the latest developments in the fundamentals of GIS. Topics wil include an introduction to GIS, an introduction to the ArcGIS Botanical Garden & Zoological Park Data Model, working with CAD data, and best practices for GPS data collection.

It’s Not Just Dots on a Map: How Geography Influences Real World Decisions

Unleash the power of your GIS! Once you've invested in this new technological infrastructure, make it work for you! Learn how staff can use their new GIS skills to increase membership, engage visitors, answer questions, share data, and make good decisions by considering the geographic component of the issue at hand! Directors, marketing staff, education staff, and curators will have an opportunity to see how GIS can be used in multiple botanical garden departments to advance the mission of the garden.

Attachments: 2010 APGA Conference Registration Brochure.pdf